3 Cost-Saving Tips For Washers And Dryers Purchases

One of the ways you can save money on home appliances is to buy a more efficient washer and dryer. The good news is that there are many ways to do so without breaking your bank. So if you're looking for a washer and dryer for sale, follow these tips to save money.

1. Note Brand Labeling and Symbols

Look for symbols like the Energy Star logo on packaging to ensure you're buying an energy-efficient machine. According to the NPS, energy-certified washers and dryers for sale use 40% less water and 25% less energy than standard washers. This figure stands at 20% energy savings for dryers and translates to about $70 annual savings per household.

You can better understand how your clothes will turn out if you read the labels and understand the settings. For example, if you need washing, then go for hot water and extra rinse. If you want to dry, then go for the highest temperature setting.

2. Opt for Refurbished and Repaired Washers and Dryers

You can buy used washers and dryers that have been repaired and then sell them when you're ready to upgrade. They're reliable machines, after all, and are often at fractions of their original prices. You'll also find many online reviews of refurbished washers and dryers on sale that you can use to help make sure you get a quality product at a low price.

That old washer and dryer might do a great job. But, on the other hand, perhaps all it needs is a new belt or hose that you can replace on your own. So keep an open mind, listen to what the repairman says, and then decide if you're better off with the new washer and dryer on sale.

3. Go for Washers and Dryers Sale Offers and Deals

You can save yourself from the frustrations of saving money on a new washer and dryer by looking for sales offers from your local paper, the internet, and TV ads. Sometimes, you can get free shipping if it's an online deal.

New washers, dryers suppliers, and manufacturers will also offer sales deals to increase the customer base. You can also find appliance stores that offer annual sales offers and wait for the offers to make a purchase.

You can save money from such deals, especially if you are buying a combination of a washer and dryer and both items have individual offers.


The above tips can help you find an energy-efficient washer and dryer for sale at an affordable price. Talk to an appliance service to help you save money while you purchase an efficient and reliable washer and dryer for sale.