5 Tips For Buying A Washer

If it's time to add a new washer to your laundry room, begin the buying process with a bit of research. Knowing exactly what you need can ensure you get an appliance that will make laundry day more enjoyable.

1. Size Limitations

It's important to measure more than just the space where the washer will be placed. You must also measure door frames, stairwells, and hallways to make sure that the washer you choose can be moved to its desired location. This can be especially challenging if your laundry room is in a basement, since tight halls and stairs may impose limits on the size of washer you purchase.

2. Load Needs

When it comes to the working size of a washer, it's the tub measurement that matters and not the external dimensions. If you frequently do large loads, then a front loader will typically provide the largest tub size, often more than 5 cubic feet, because it doesn't have an agitator taking up space in the tub. For smaller loads, a top loader of about 2.5 cubic feet will likely be sufficient.

3. Eco Options

For those focused on lowering water and energy usage in the home, an eco-friendly washer is a must. Begin by checking the Energy Star ratings on the available models to determine which uses the least amount of electricity during a wash cycle. Next, opt for a front loader if your goal is to lower water usage. Top loading machines fill the washtub nearly to the top, while a front loader can perform the same wash cycle with a lot less water.

4. Agitator Concerns

The agitator is the central post in top loading machines that moves the clothing around. The idea is that the swirling and swishing of the agitator will beat the dirt from the fabric. Agitators can be rough on clothing, causing items to wear out and fade prematurely. If you are concerned about clothing longevity and agitator damage, then a front loader may be the best option. There are also some top loaders available that do not have a central agitator.

5. Budget

Budget must play a part in your decision. Once you have narrowed down your needs, you must determine your budget so you can find the available washers in that budget category. You can further save by opting for plain white washers over the more colorful designer models. Choosing a washer with fewer settings can also help bring the perfect washer down to your budgeted cost. 

Contact a washer dealer to see all of the current models that are available.