Signs You Need a Water Softener in Your Home

A water softener is a special filtration tool installed under sinks and near main water sources to help make hard water less harsh. You can have water softener installation done on your home if you have a hard water problem, something 85% of homes have. Hard water is water that contains higher levels of magnesium and calcium than homes with soft water, along with trace amounts of other minerals.

Soft water is simply hard water that has been treated by a filtration system designed to remove a majority of the hard water deposits found commonly in water. If you have a problem with hard water, having a water softener installation done on your home is a good idea. Here are signs you need a water softener in your home.

Your water tastes strange

Hard water may make your home's water supply taste odd, like there's chalk in the water or that the water is somehow contaminated. The water isn't contaminated with anything bad, it's just likely that you have more minerals like calcium and magnesium present in your water supply than you'd like, something that can be changed with soft water. Soft water has a flavor as well, but it's often different than that of hard water and may improve the taste of your home's water by having water softener installation done.

Your appliances are breaking down

Hard water causes appliances to wear out sooner because calcium deposits can create buildup in pipes and in the inside of appliances. If your washing machine has bits of minerals in it or has a clogged water supply, your dishwasher is constantly clogged or leaving dishes and silverware filmy, or your your appliances are wearing out faster than they should and you cannot think of why, your hard water could be the culprit. You can tell if you have a hard water problem just by looking in your sink or tub. Hard water leaves behind residue that causes stains in both faucets and sink or tub bowls. Your toilet bowl can be affected by hard water stains as well.

Over time, hard water can become a serious problem in the home, something that can be fixed by having a water softener installation done by an appliance specialist. Costs vary for installation, so speak to your appliance specialist to find out the best way to take care of the hard water issue in your home. The size of your home and how bad your hard water problem is will determine what water softener will work best for you.